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Reminder (001)

 12,000 SEK

Our first artefact, designed to set a new standard and inspire positive change. The table lamp functions as a source of ambient light when on and as a sculptural element when turned off, reminding us of our daily choices and our role in shaping the future.

Design: ASCA Studio

Produced on demand with limited availability. Expected delivery within 3 months. Currently shipping within Europe, incl the UK, Norway and Switzerland.

Dimensions: H x 31.7cm, W x 15 cm, L x 37.8cm
Surface: Base – Fine brushed lines, matte, Shade – Matte.
Colors: Tone-in-tone beige/off-white. 
Weight: 5 kg
Cord: 1.8 m, transparent
Technical spec: Integrated electronic Plejd dimmer for the regulation of light brightness. E14 (not included). We recommend dim to warm for optimal usage. The lamps are CE-marked according to European standards. Adaptors might be needed to fit local wall sockets.

Please note: As Reminder (001) is made from reclaimed materials and manufactured individually with a handcrafted process, each lamp will differ slightly and may have minor markings or color variations from the images shown. The specific characteristics of each lamps are signs of their uniqueness and a part of their value and beauty.

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Bottom: Made in Enkei’s own material, ReCeramix™, consisting of over 90% repurposed waste.
Lampshade: Textile - cotton or linen deadstock from high-end fashion houses; Frame - Scrap-based steel wire.
Lid: Repurposed ventilation pipes from Swedish demolition sites.
Dimmer knob: 3D-printed in fossil-free steel from SSAB
Dimmer: Plejd (integrated)
Inside-holder: 3D-printed in recycled bio-plastics with minimum material usage
Cord: Silicone, sourced from Swedish supplier
Socket:  PVC, sourced from Swedish supplier

* ReCeramix™ is developed with the goal to reduce the climate impact of concrete and prevent the waste of ceramics. It has a reduction up to approx. 80% cement usage compared to standard concrete.

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The process

Reminder (001) is a result of a newly established supply chain and a technology-driven production method combined with traditional craftsmanship. Developed in close collaboration with research institutes, MNCs, demolition firms, material specialists, creatives and designers, the table lamp exemplifies how collective effort can bring new solutions to life, demonstrating that another world is possible.