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About the Product
(Reminder 001)

Developed with a circular model in mind, our first object is the Reminder (001) table lamp. Every detail in the lamp is carefully chosen from our high sustainability, quality and aesthetics requirements. It is a manifestation of everything that we want to stand for: beauty, reconstruction and light. A celebration of circularity, with a vision to make the sustainable option the preferred one.

With two contrasting geometric forms, it sits within the space between art and function. The movable half-circle form in a semi-translucent textile shade rests in the textured square base made from our own material. The lampshade can be adjusted according to your preference and the change of it over time. The first drop will be limited, so make sure to join the waiting list to get early access.

Circular aesthetics, 

everyday reminders™

Founded with the vision of being a motivating force for change — enkei seeks to shape beauty from the broken while challenging outdated systems.

Delving into material innovation and new circular production methods, we aspire to create functional artifacts filled with intention — to remind people of their conscious choices; in their homes, in their everyday lives — in a future unfolding.

We believe that another world is possible and we seek to contribute to this transformation by consistently questioning, innovating, iterating, refining, and sharing our findings through new materials, production methods and beautiful everyday aesthetics.